Dr. Jessica Young

Dr. Jessica Young
Dr. Jessica Young
Global Coordinator, Associate Professor of Environment and Sustainability
B.A., University of California San Diego
Ph.D. Purdue University
Office Location: 
Library 120
Master in Environmental Management Department
Environment & Sustainability Department
Academic Program: 
Environment & Sustainability
Global Sustainability Track
Integrative and Public Land Management Track
Master in Environmental Management (MEM)
Sustainable & Resilient Communities Track

Dr. Young has worked in the field of conservation biology since the 1990’s.  Her research, along with others, resulted in the recognition of a new species, the Gunnison Sage-grouse, as well as documenting its imperiled habitat and status.  During her career, she has supervised student research on a variety of projects and participated in local stakeholder working groups as well as advised the United Nations International Union for the Conservation of Nature specialist grouse group on global conservation issues.  Her graduate students focus on a variety of topics in environmental management including: sustainable stove projects in Kenya; mass transportation planning for the Upper Arkansas Valley in Colorado; human wildlife conflict focusing on black bear in the Durango area; and communicating conservation connectivity: a project involving wildlife corridors from Costa Rica to Rocky Mountain National Park.   Dr. Young is also the program’s global coordinator helping students find projects across the world.

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2014-2016 Cohort

Cassidy Brush: The Collaboration Connection; A project connecting conservation communities in Costa Rica to Colorado.  Community Sponsor: Debra Hamilton, Director of the Monteverde Institute, Costa Rica.

Tyler Grimes: The Nduru Sustainable Development: A partnership between Eco2librium and New Creations Self-Help Group, Kenya. Community Sponsor: Dr. Mark Lung, President Eco2librium

Dominique Naccarato: T4U: Transit Collective for the Upper Arkansas, Colorado. Community Sponsors: Wendell Pryor, Director of Economic Development, Chaffee County and County Commissioner Bob Christiansen

Ryan Wilbur Assessing Potential Bias in Black Bear Conflict Reporting; Community Sponsor: Stacy Lischka, Human Dimensions Researcher Colorado Parks and Wildlife

2015-2017 COHORT

Joe Acampora: Connecting the San Francisco Bay Area with its Wild Pumas : Courtney Coon, Wildlife Biologist, Felidae Conservation Fund. Please see more about his project here.

Nell Jordan: Environmental Communications and Storytelling, Community Sponsor: Michelle Auerback. Please see her project videos here.

Julie Russell: Peace Corps Master's International student working in sustainabile community development in Paraguay. Julie will be completing her MEM program abroad while serving in the Peace Corps.

Graduate Courses: I teach in the MEM program include (but are not limited to): Science of Environmental Management, Essential Skills for Environmental Management, and special topics such as this Costa Rica course: http://costaricacorridors.weebly.com/

Undergraduate Courses: Animal Behavior, Conservation Biology, Conservation Genetics, Ecology, Ecuador and Galapagos Field Experience, Environmental Biology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Applications, Environmental Capstone, Evolution of Mating Systems, Freshman Seminar in Biology, Field Biology, Galapagos and Ecuadorian Rainforest Explorations, Marine Biology in Baja California, Ornithology, Principles of Biology Course and Lab, Speciation, Science Technology and the Environment, Wildlife Biology, and Zoology

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