Dr. Jennie DeMarco

Jennie DeMarco
Dr. Jennie DeMarco
Lecturer in Environment and Sustainability
B.S. Northern Arizona University
Ph.D University of Florida
Office Location: 
LIB 303
Master in Environmental Management Department
Academic Program: 
Environment & Sustainability
Master in Environmental Management (MEM)

Dr. Jennie DeMarco, a new faculty hire in the MEM program, was recently awarded a National Science Foundation Arctic Systems Grant to investigate the causes of varying post-fire recruitment within larch forests of Eastern Siberia and consequences for climate feedbacks via changes in carbon sequestration and albedo.  Climate change has increased the frequency, intensity, and severity of fires in many boreal regions.  Boreal forests cover a large portion of vegetated land surface above the Arctic Circle, contain a significant proportion of the global carbon stocks, and are predicted to migrate northward into tundra with climate warming.  Altered fire regimes can influence forest regrowth by altering tree recruitment during post-fire succession which can ultimately lead to changes in the tree species composition or loss of forests altogether resulting in a decrease in carbon sequestration potential.  This project has the potential to fund one MEM student per year for four years to travel to Siberia in the summer to conduct projects within the context of climate change and carbon sequestration.  Interested students should contact Dr. DeMarco at jdemarco@western.edu.  This research will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Heather Alexander (Mississippi State Univ.), Dr. Rebecca Hewitt (Northern Arizona Univ.), Dr. Jeremy Lichstein (Univ. of Florida), Dr. Michael Loranty (Colgate Univ.), Dr. Michelle Mack (Northern Arizona Univ.), and Dr. Ryan McEwan (Univ. of Dayton).


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