Dr. David J. Plante

David Plante
Dr. David J. Plante
Professor of Economics
BA Boston University
PhD University of Utah.
Office Location: 
Borick Business Building 244
The School of Business
Academic Program: 
Business School

David Plante (dplante@western.edu) has been at Western State College of Colorado since 1997.  Originally from New Hampshire, he obtained a B.A. in Economics from Boston University (1987).  His Ph.D. in Economics is from the University of Utah (2004).

Currently, he teaches Macroeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, International Economics and Globalization, Money, Banking and Financial Markets, American Capitalism and Democracy (co-taught with William Niemi of POLS) and a special topics course, Contemporary Economic Issues.  Recently, he has also taught special topics courses in Poverty and World Development, and Economic Development and Sustainability.

“Economics majors at Western State College of Colorado receive a personalized education from three Ph.D.s who are committed to innovative teaching in the pursuit of a meaningful understanding of the economy, its institutions and the methods employed by economists.”

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