Dr. Dave Ellerbroek

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Dr. Dave Ellerbroek
Graduate Faculty for Sustainability Transistions
BA Geophysics, University of Colorado, Boulder CO
MS Environmental Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden CO
Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO
Master in Environmental Management Department
Academic Program: 
Environment & Sustainability
Master in Environmental Management (MEM)

Dave interests include reclamation of land impacted from industrial activities and sustainability transitions for the food, energy, water and minerals industries.  Sustainability transitions refers to the adoption of practices to secure natural resources (e.g. mineral, energy and water) in a manner that provides for the long term sustainability of people, ecosystems and the planet.  In most Western societies, industrialization has preceded societal consciousness about the value and need to preserve natural resources.  This has resulted in a legacy of disturbed, and in some cases, abandoned lands once used for industrial production or resource extraction. Dave has over 30 years of experience working with industry to reclaim lands impacted from industrial activities and return lands to beneficial reuse and restore ecological function.  Dave spent two years as a post-doc researcher in Australia at CSIRO studying water and chemical movement in the post-mining environment.  His international experience includes work in China, New Zealand, U.K, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Romania and Bulgaria.

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