Online Student Password Reset

Your password is the primary mechanism for assuring the privacy of your computing activity and preventing others from using your computer account for disruptive, offensive, or illegal activities.

Passwords address our primary concerns: maintaining the integrity of your account and information while protecting Western's computer environment, as well as you, from abuse.

Reset Your Password Online

This system will allow you to reset your Western campus password online. You have to enroll in this password reset system before you can use it.

Enroll: Click on the Enroll tab. Enter your campus username (stuXXXXXX) and current password. Answer the two questions which we have provided and then provide your own question and answer. Choose a question and answer that only you know and will be able to remember.

Password Requirements: Minimum of 8 characters -- Can't contain significant portions of the user's account or name -- MUST contain characters from three of the following four categories: uppercase and lower case characters, have digits and punctuation characters (for example 0-9, !, $, #, %).

Reset your Password: Forgot your password or would just like to change it? Click on the Reset button below and enter your campus username (stuXXXXXX). Answer your security questions and enter your new password. Remember, you must have already been enrolled for this to work!

*New Students: Your campus username (student id, stuXXXXXX) and initial password would have been delivered to you in the mail (NOTE: the initial password you get from Western will never contain an upper or lower case letter "L" or the number "1"). Once you have enrolled, use the Reset your Password button to set a new password, one you can remember and no one else would know. Remember this is how you access everything on campus, including grades, billing, classes, email etc. So protect yourself and your identity by setting a strong password and not sharing it with anyone!