Peer Revising

Peer Revision Sheet

Date________________  Name of Assignment__________________                                       

Peer Editor (you)_________________________

Ask these questions of each paragraph in the essay you are editing.  If the answer is “no,” give the writer a suggestion for improvement on the essay page. If you are unsure of the answer, raise your hand and I will attend to the question with you. Use your paragraph development sheet to help you identify the criteria.

Give the students feedback per paragraph for each of the following criteria:

  • Is the first sentence in each paragraph a topic sentence?  Does it mention the frame (research), and case (topic) AND the purpose of the paragraph?
  • Is there a frame (research), and is it introduced and explained?
  • Is the case (topic) quoted, introduced and explained?
  • Are the quotes connected back to the topic?
  • Is the case developed BECAUSE there is a frame? Is there a connection?
  • Is there an analysis statement?
  • Is the MLA perfect in each paragraph?
  • What are the spelling and grammar errors  in each paragraph?