Center for Teaching Excellence

Purpose: The CTE provides faculty with professional development opportunities to enhance teaching at all stages of their career. The Center creates a dialogue on the Western State Colorado University's campus teaching excellence. This dialogue aids new faculty in achieving the excellent teaching expected of all faculty and allows all faculty to explore pedagogical and curricular innovation on individual, departmental and institutional level.


  • Stimulate faculty discussion and continued education about issues critical to effective teaching and learning.
  • Support individual faculty efforts to enhance teaching and learning.
  • Provide opportunities for partnerships within and across disciplines.
  • Support integration of research/scholarship and teaching.
  • Support and recognize innovative teaching
  • Engage and support new faculty in developing effective pedagogy.

CTE Workshops

Western faculty regularly hold workshops and discussions about a wide range of topics related to teaching and learning. For example, some recent workshops included:

“Using technology in the classroom: Google Earth and beyond”

“How “flipping” your classroom can increase student engagement”

"Best practices for online course design"

“Enhancing undergraduate research”

“Celebrating faculty scholarship”

“The psychology of learning”