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Becoming a Principal - Principal Residency Program

"I am now at Brush High School as the assistant principal and athletic director. In a lot of ways, this was exactly the type of job I was looking for when I started the program at Western. So far, I have felt very comfortable in the knowledge and skills required from job as a result of your help and the rest of the Western staff. So I wanted to thank you for providing such a useful/valuable program for people to attain their professional goals. Thank you for the time invested in me!"

-Scott Hodgson​, Principal Licensure

Western's one-year Principal Licensure program allows you to earn your principal license while gaining hands-on administrative experience. You will work with a mentor principal for seven to eight hours per week – while taking 25 credits of online coursework. Click here to see a degree plan. You will be admitted to the program as part of our M.A. in Education program and all your credits will apply toward a M.A. degree. At the end of the year, you will be recommended for your Principal License and may complete an additional 19 credits of coursework to earn a Master's degree in Education AND be eligible for an Administrator's License.

The principal licensure program requires one (1) year to complete.

Summer:  You will attend a three day session in the summer, July 26-28, 2019. This session covers foundational concepts and reviews program expectations. It is also a great opportunity to connect with your instructors and peers face-to-face.

Fall:  You will be enrolled in three 8-week graduate-level courses and complete 150 experience hours towards your internship.  The 8-week courses have staggered start dates to minimize multiple assignments being due on the same day. 

Spring: You will be enrolled in three 8-week graduate-level courses and complete 150 experience hours towards your internship. The 8-week courses have staggered start dates to minimize multiple assignments being due on the same day.

Following your licensure year, you may complete an additional 19 credits to earn your administrator license and M.A. in Education.

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Alternative Principal Licensure Program

You will work full time as the principal or assistant principal of record at a K-12 school and will spend 1-2 hours per week with a mentor principal while taking a full load of online courses. For more information, see the Colorado Department of Education Alternative Principal Program webpage.

Following your licensure year, you may complete an additional 16 credits to earn your M.A. in Education

Program features:

  • Highly relevant coursework designed around Colorado's Principal Quality Standards
  • Earn your license while working full-time
  • Intentional planning for career success
  • Western works closely with school districts in Colorado and beyond. Our public schools are our partners in growing the next generation of great principals
  • Online courses with personalized, in-person support
  • Continuous feedback from mentor, regional coordinator, and Western instructors

*Principal licensure requirements vary from state-to-state. This program is approved based on the State of Colorado standards. Students are solely responsible for checking what the specific requirements are from their state’s Department of Education.

Pursuing your Master's degree

Following your licensure year, you may continue to pursue your Master’s degree with an emphasis on Educational Administrator Leadership. 

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