Geology Field Trip - 1995

In 1995 the Western State geology department took its spring field trip to central Utah to see the laccoliths of the Henry Mountains and the Waterpocket Fold around Capitol Reef National Monument.

(Above) The south-western side of the Mt Pennell and Mt Hillers laccolith clusters in the distance. This picture is taken from near the Waterpocket Fold.

(Above) Hogbacks of red Entrada Sandstone and white Navajo, Kayenta, and Wingate Sandstones that have been tilted by the intrusion of the Mt. Hillers stock. We hiked up the narrow canyon on the left of the picture in order to look at the Mesozoic stratigraphy and intrusive relationships.


(Above) This is the eastern flank of the Waterpocket fold in Capitol Reef, looking southwest. The steeply dipping rocks in the foreground are Navajo Sandstone. The valley floor is underlain (from right to left) by the red Carmel Formation, the Entrada Sandstone, the Curtis and Summerville Formations, a low Salt Wash Sandstone hogback, a low Dakota Sandstone hogback (close to the Salt Wash), a low Ferron Sandstone hogback in the Mancos valley. The ridge on the left is Mancos Shale capped by Emery Sandstone cliffs.

(Above) Rim Overlook in Capitol Reef National Monument in the Navajo Sandstone.

(Above) Hiking in Upper Muley Twist Canyon in Capitol Reef National Monument. We are walking in the Wingate Sandstone, the ledge beds above (mostly covered) are Kayenta and the cliff on the skyline is Navajo Sandstone.