Program Council

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Who/What Is Program Council?

· An organization that provides entertainment and events to the student body. 

· Responsible for our beloved Springfest, silent discos, comedians, holiday events, and on campus movies.

· Student-led

· A sponsor system for groups and clubs, supporting ideas and events with equipment, posters, and up to $300!

· Always looking for extra student hands! We look great on resumes, especially for majors like Communication Arts. 

Mission Statement

If it wasn't fun, we didn't do it!

Get Involved

Get involved:

· We meet weekly Monday nights at 6 pm in the Program Council office (located in the University Center, across the hall from the downstairs bathrooms).

· Paid positions include technical coordinators, event coordinator, and marketing coordinator. Please see application for needed experiences. 

· Volunteer positions are a great way to get involved and have a say in what entertainment comes onto our campus. 

· Have ideas or additions to Springfest or our other events? We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings! No scheduling needed. · Contact us! Email:, call/text: 720-329-6581 (Christopher Doucet).