Eddie Ogle

Eddie Ogle a ROE student

Major: ROE

Emphasis: Outdoor Environmental Education

Hometown: Sandpoint, Idaho

Current Employer: Backroads, Berkeley, CA

What tools did the ROE program teach you to help you succeed as an outdoor professional?  

The ROE program taught me a lot about how to be successful by teaching public speaking skills, confidence, and program planning. The ability to collaborate and improvise during class projects throughout my time in the ROE department is something I also use day to day in my job.

What was one of your most influential experiences during your time as a student in the ROE program?

There wasn’t really a standout influential moment for me as a student; however, I was encouraged by the ability to study what I wanted in all of my classes. You can kind of tailor your ROE experience based on what piques your interest within the vast field of recreation. I love mountain biking, so I was often able to incorporate my interests into my projects and research.

Favorite part of working for Backroads?

Working for Backroads is amazing in a lot of ways. You really get the opportunity to give guests the experience of a lifetime while being autonomous in your day-to-day work. You can lead and collaborate with your co-leaders in a style that is fun and professional. Also, Backroads pays you to travel the world and the leader community is fantastic and positive. And you get to ride bikes and get to know areas well. It is the ultimate job for networking.