Nate Ferguson

Nate Ferguson is a Business student majoring in Professional Land & Resource Management.

As a native Coloradan from Lafayette, Colo., Nate Ferguson knew there was no better place than Western for him.

“I chose Western because I love the mountains, and I liked the small class sizes, but I had no idea this place would offer all that it has,” he said.

Although he was confident in his decision, Nate struggled to find his way into college life during his first semester. By the time second semester rolled around however, he had found his niche and the Western way of life kicked in.

 “It wasn’t Western like I thought, it was just that I wasn’t getting out enough,” he recalled. “Once I finally got out of my dorm, I realized that Western has a lot to do and finding groups with my interests was easy.”

Nate is now part of the Western Rugby team, the boxing team, Western’s Association of Professional Landmen and ManUp, and he tutors in the Writing Center on campus.

“I am always looking for new clubs and things to join, which is nice because Western is always ready to start new things on campus,” he said.

Students at Western are encouraged to start clubs, form study groups and make what they want out of their experience here.

“Western gives you the tools to take control of your own life, to create your own path,” Ferguson continued.

Because of the small, private school feel of Western, students are able choose their own direction but can always receive help from anyone on campus. 

“I have gotten two internships so far, one was offered through my major (Professional Land & Resource Management), and the other was created for me,” he shared.

Westerns different academic programs search out internships from many companies in order to help students land the ever-illusive but important internship. Nate received one of those internships in the summer of 2015 working with Antero Resources out of Denver. His second internship, however, was much more unique to Western.

Nate simply walked into the Marketing office at Western and asked for an opportunity to work with the head of the department. To his bold and loaded request, Brian Barker, Director of Marketing Communications, agreed to take him on with excitement.

“There is no way I could have done that at a bigger university,” Ferguson said. “Everyone here really does want to help, not just the professors. It’s nice knowing you’re not alone when your future is at stake.”

If he were to give high school students advice in their college search, Ferguson said, “Go somewhere where you want to leave your dorm, go somewhere where your desire for success will be recognized and nourished. For me that is Western.”