Women’s Volleyball stays positive through adversity

The women's volleyball team stands together in a huddle

Women’s Volleyball stays positive through adversity

Jan 12, 2018

As fall semester ends, the Women's Volleyball team reflects on a challenging season.

The team finished a with a 2-25 record, 1-17 within the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC).    

 “Staying positive in the midst of a drought is definitely a challenge,” said freshman defensive specialist Bonnie Brode, “but all the girls on our team are really good at building one another up, pushing each other to be better and keeping everyone focused.”  

While the Mountaineers have struggled, they have also strengthened on another and the team’s chemistry.  

 “The most challenging part of our season has been overcoming the fact that we are a very young team, almost half of us being new to the program and the six of us freshmen are brand new to college volleyball completely,” Brode said. 

Finishing the season 2-25 definitely isn’t ideal, but because of how young the team is, there is only room to grow and improve next season. 

“Coach [Keven] John reminds us that we are a process oriented team and with hard work, grit and time, good things are sure to come,” Brode said. 

Story by Caitlin Gleason. Photo by Roberta Marquette-Strain.