Western Students Win Second Straight Rocky Mountain Investment Challenge

Four students and a professor stand behind their Rocky Mountain Investment Challenge award.

Western Students Win Second Straight Rocky Mountain Investment Challenge

Nicole Choi
Photo by Apr 26, 2019

For the second year in a row, Western students have taken home the top prize at the competitive Rocky Mountain Investment Challenge. Sophomore Thomas Evon, Junior Aneglo Minisini, and graduating Seniors Tyler Nixon and William Hodgkins secured victory at the University of Wyoming in April.

“Between researching, practicing and hand-crunching numbers, they worked more than 100 hours,” said Jim Harriss, Associate Professor of Banking and Finance and team advisor.

“We have a small program, but we have some really good kids.”

The challenge asks teams to identify an undervalued publicly traded stock and deliver a presentation explaining why they think it will grow 15% in the next year. This team of Western Finance Students selected Southwest Airlines and “hand-crunched” the numbers to uncover and support their growth plan. Then, they presented their findings to a panel of respected financial experts.

Competing against 10 other teams, including students from Colorado State University and University of Wyoming, Western took home first place for the second consecutive and second ever year. Following the win, the team was asked to use their expertise to train teams for the challenge next year, laying the foundation for well-deserved reputation in the academic finance community.

“I’m really proud of this group. It just goes to show when you’re working with bright kids, things are easier,” Harriss said.