Western students acquaint loved ones with campus life during Family Weekend

Caitlin Gleason poses with her family.
For many parents, sending away a child to college is a difficult task. Fortunately, Western State Colorado University hosts an annual “Family Weekend,” when family members visit their Mountaineers and participate in various campus activities.

This year during Family Weekend Oct. 20-22, my family came up to get to know my school better. On Saturday, we went to the football game and watched the Mountaineers beat New Mexico Highlands University 26-16.  At the game, my dad was excited to try the beer garden, which was a big hit with many parents.  Other events that went on were a “canvas and cocktails” event on Friday, where adults of age could enjoy a beverage and paint. On Sunday, a Blue Line Duo Percussion Concert was held in the Kincaid Concert Hall.  It featured a diverse mix of standard and original repertoire for percussion solo and duo. 

My dad, Rob Gleason, shared his thoughts about his time on campus.  

“We really enjoyed the opportunity Family Weekend provided to experience academic and campus life at Western after our daughter settled in. The timing was perfect. It also gave us the opportunity to bring our youngest daughter, who loved the time and experience with her sister,” Rob Gleason said.   

Story by Caitlin Gleason.  Photo by Roberta Marquette-Strain. 

Monday, February 12, 2018 - 4:15pm