Western selected as 2018-19 College of Distinction

Western selected as 2018-19 College of Distinction

Aug 1, 2018

Western Colorado University was recently included among the 2018-19 Colleges of Distinction.

Colleges of Distinction is an organization that provides students with a list of schools that offer remarkable experiences that help them learn, grow and succeed. Schools are measured based on their inclusion of High-Impact Practices and how they align with the Four Distinctions.

“Colleges aren’t commodities; they’re as diverse as the needs of today’s students,” said Colleges of Distinction COO Tyson Schritter in Western’s award letter. “No single ranking can account for what’s most important to every individual student who applies to college in a given year.

“You are one of our nearly 400 recognized institutions that deliver rich student experiences by implementing High-Impact Practices, having programs centered on long-term student satisfaction and success, and aligning with our Four Distinctions.” 

According to Colleges of Distinction, each of the Four Distinctions is important to the overall student experience:

  • Engaged Students: Ensures that students are learning through more than just classroom lectures. Students are writing, conducting research, studying abroad, and learning through discussion and classroom involvement.
  • Great Teaching: Reflects the quality of professors and staff at each school. Schools with great teaching have experienced professors in small classrooms, where students can establish a relationship with their professors and mentors and will not be lost in the crowd.  
  • Vibrant Communities: Measures the ways students can grow outside the classroom. This includes clubs, organizations and sports teams but also the feel of the campus. Students should be comfortable where they go to school and be able to choose an institution that can help them expand their hobbies and interests as well as further their careers.
  • Successful Outcomes: Ensures that students are experiencing internships, research opportunities and are prepared for what is to come.  

Since 2000, Colleges of Distinction has been a trusted resource for more than 40,000 guidance counselors across the United States, thousands of parents and students, and hundreds of colleges and universities. Its mission is simple: to help parents and students find not just the “best college,” but the “right college.”