Western One of Top Five Campuses Nationally for Health, Wellness

Students run around the Mountaineer Fieldhouse indoor track
The American College of Sports Medicine recognized Western as one of the best colleges in the country for access to physical activities. Western is ranked as the third best among small public colleges nationally and the fifth best overall in the National Collegiate Fitness Index.

The index ranks the quantity and quality of recreational activities that are available to students, faculty and staff on campus.

“It is so inspiring to be a part of the fitness community here at Western,” said Duncan Callahan, director of campus recreation at Western. “Our student body, as well as faculty and staff are motivated to pursue health and wellness.

“The Mountaineer Field House and Fitness Center staff are grateful to play such a dynamic role in helping our population gain and remain fit, well and healthy,” he continued. “Having a world-class facility such as the Mountaineer Field House has contributed greatly to our success.”

The Index assesses the quantity and quality of on-campus physical activity opportunities offered at two- and four-year institutions. Each school was rated on the conduciveness of the campus environment to physical activity, including environmental supports for exercise, programming, campus walkability, educational curricula and policies that promote exercise and health and wellness on campus.

Link to survey: http://www.nationalacademyofkinesiology.org/AcuCustom/Sitename/DAM/144/13.1_NCFI_2015_Report-Exec.Summary.pdf

Written by Laura Anderson, University Communications.


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Monday, January 11, 2016 - 3:15pm