Western to host candidates for state house, senate forum

Western to host candidates for state house, senate forum

Oct 4, 2018

Western Colorado University is hosting a candidate's forum for the local state senate and state legislative offices on Tuesday, Oct. 23 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the University Center South Ballroom.

The attendees comprise: House District 59 candidates Barbara McLachlan (D, incumbent) and Paul Jones (Independent); House District 61 candidates Julie McCluskie (D) and Mike Mason (R); and Senate District 5 candidates Kerry Donovan (D, incumbent) and Olen Lund (R). 

Students from the Politics 282: State & Local Government course are organizing the event. The class broke into four committees, each organizing a separate facet: outreach, logistics and facilities, treasury and accounting, and format.

“Organizing this event has led our class to understand all the implications that it takes for a campaign to run even just one event,” said Evianne Rodriguez-Adame. “It has also prompted us to evaluate and consider how best to inform an audience when there is a candidate present, while also allowing the event to be engaging. Overall this experience has taught us the value and work that campaign candidates and managers put into informing and gathering voters.”

The class is preparing questions for the candidates; they encourage others to submit questions to taylor.martynuska@gmail.com. Questions also will be accepted the night-of.