Western celebrates Day of the Dead

Faculty participating and helping with the setting up for the Day of the Dead.

Western celebrates Day of the Dead

Delaney Adrian
Photo by Nov 29, 2018

The students of the Hispanic Honor Society and Spanish Instructor Carmen Moreira came together to bring the colorful, happy and loving traditions of Mexico to Western through intricate altars, traditional food and drink, outfits and the story of what the Day of the Dead is all about.

On Nov. 1, the first floor in the Savage Library was filled with an audience of 30 and the history of the most famous Mexican holiday, led by Moreira. She explained that the Day of the Dead is built off the idea that death is a natural part of life that should not be mourned and dreaded. Those who die, she explained, should be celebrated for who they were and remembered and welcomed in spirit rather than mourned when mentioned.  

Afterward, those in attendance were encouraged to observe everything presented on the altar set up in the library. Each object, such as water, candles, candy, food, salt and personal items such as clothing or cigarettes were briefly explained as parts of the altar that allowed the spirits being celebrated to feel at home and to rest after their long journey from the land of the dead.  

Everyone in attendance and all who passed the altar were invited to add to it if they wished, allowing all to celebrate their loved ones through the tradition as well. 

At the end of the educational portion of the session, attendees were invited to help themselves to Day of the Dead bread and a special nonalcoholic sweet drink made from rice, and to ask any further questions one-on-one with Moreira. 

Story by Pete Rivera.