Western art alumnus finds success in NYC

 A paitnting of Richard's

Western art alumnus finds success in NYC

Date: Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 3:45pm

Western art alum, Richard Buchanan, travels to Austria and moves to NYC to pursue his career in art.

Richard Buchanan

Richard Buchanan '13, from Denver, CO, always knew he wanted to pursue a career in art. In his search to find the perfect school, he looked for an environment with one-on-one with professors and smaller class sizes.

 "Western had a great reputation for their art programs," Buchanan said "and I didn't want a big college." Combined with the intimate campus community, Western encompassed everything he was looking for in a school.

During Buchanan's time here at Western, he was a member of the Native American Art Council and had a work study position working in the Quigley department.

"My favorite thing about Western was the people I met while I was there. The school attracts the most hard-core and interesting people," says Buchanan. "When I graduated I had a network of the brightest, most resourceful and determined people I will ever meet."

“This network extends all the way to New York, and got me where I am today.”

Buchanan graduated from Western in 2013 with a B.A. in Art History and a minor in Business Administration. He also received a grant for an AAF fellowship in Austria, where he could travel and worked with other artists in a different environment. He said his experience there was "truly inspirational and a one of a kind opportunity."

Buchanan says that his work is mostly inspired by "people overcoming adversity" and being able to express people's "human connectivity" through his art. He mainly works with oil paintings.

Buchanan has taken this time after graduating to travel, adventure and paint. He now lives in New York and his art work is in public collections in New York and Austria.

In March, Richard will return to Western to do a presentation about life after college. His talk will touch on graduate studies and career paths. Buchanan will also talk about his personal experiences and the many different resources he used to help him find grants and other opportunities.

Written by Taya Olson.