Students and faculty reflect on Quigley Hall's Newest exhibition

art gallery exhibit
The new exhibition space in Quigley Hall is now home to a large piece by Kansas City artist Davin Watne.

As Quigley Hall’s beautifully renovated space sees its second semester of use, faculty and students are enjoying the freedom it has brought them to explore new creative territory. The newly installed rehearsal rooms, open to all students, promote musical exploration and composition. Additional studio and classroom spaces encourage expression by providing stunning views of the snow-topped Fossil Ridge. A new favorite of many music lovers on and off campus, the freshly redone John and Georgie Kincaid Concert Hall is now home to creative events for Western students and community members.

This January, Western hosted the first Spring 2017 Art Convocation with Kansas artist Davin Watne as the keynote speaker. Watne spoke on the integration of politics and art, encouraging students to experiment with political themes in new and creative ways. Western students had the opportunity to witness this integration physically in Quigley’s new exhibition area.

Watne constructed an exhibition tailor-made for the space, entitled Picture the Wall. Incorporating politics, technology, and twenty-first century culture into one piece, Picture the Wall serves as an example of how Western students can use artistic expression to achieve social change.

When reflecting on the installation process for Picture the Wall, Gallery Director Dr. Jeffrey Taylor recalled the excitement faculty and students had about welcoming a new piece into the exhibition space. “It was fun, because for the first time we have this amazing gallery space to work with.” He remarked. “This is the finest exhibition space on the Western Slope.”

“It’s supposed to make you stop, and look at it and think about it,” observed gallery worker Paige Brevard.

Students from other departments have flocked to the exhibition since its opening on January 16th to witness this message in person. A comment book is available in the exhibition space for students to remark on how they were affected by Watne’s work.

Quigley’s new gallery area not only provides new opportunities for students to learn, but also enhances the artistic and cultural environment in Gunnison. The new learning environment offered in Quigley will no doubt feature more exciting events in the future.

Story written by Anna Lhuillier.

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 3:00pm