Several studies by ESS, HAEP faculty, students published

An Exercise & Sport Science student measures a study participant's blood pressure.

Several studies by ESS, HAEP faculty, students published

Mar 28, 2018

Recently, members of the Recreation, Exercise & Sport Science Department have had a multitude of research studies published in various journals and other publications.

Along with faculty, undergraduate Exercise & Sport Science (ESS) and graduate High Altitude Exercise Physiology (HAEP) students aided in the research.

Shape magazine covered research conducted by Christina Buchanan, Ph.D., HAEP program director; Lance Dalleck, Ph.D., ESS associate professor; and HAEP student Isaiah St. Pierre ‘17. The study found active recovery, specifically moderate-intensity active recovery, is more effective than passive recovery between intervals. 

Runner's World looked at that study as well. 

Additionally, Buchanan and Dalleck, along with HAEP student Shawn Keeling ‘17 had a study published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology online. That study’s purpose was to determine the optimal FIT for reducing sedentary behavior and improving cardiometabolic health in middle-age and older adults. Findings from the study provide exercise physiologists with a preliminary guide in how effectively to reduce sedentary behavior and its associated deleterious cardiometabolic effects in their clients.

Studies conducted by Western faculty and students also made a splash in the American Council on Exercise’s issue dedicated to research. Three studies were published in the recent edition of Certified:

  • The FIT study by Buchanan, Dalleck and Keeling.
  • A study on whether Zumba Gold® is an effective workout for middle-aged and older adults, conducted by Dalleck, ESS lecturer Ryan Weatherwax, ESS student Bryant Byrd ’17 and ESS student Katie Roos ‘17. Byrd is now a HAEP student on track to graduate in 2019.
  • A study on the performance benefits of training in a sauna suit conducted by Dalleck, Buchanan, Byrd, HAEP student Samuel Van De Velde ‘17 and ESS student Jennifer Fargo ’17.