School of Business plays host to first of two Resort Management Fairs this year

The first resort fair hosted local employers, giving students a chance to network with nearby companies.

Eleven Experience, Crested Butte Mountain Resort and West Elk Lodge all attended the fair, which was held in the Borick Business Building.   

The School of Business Director of Career Success Kerry Swansonorganized the fair. With a background in reviewing resumes, contacting employers and connecting with students, Swanson is a perfect fit for the position. 

“We will host two resort fairs this year: The first one was in the fall semester and we plan on hosting another in the spring,” Swanson said.   

With a focus on positive coaching techniques, Swanson plans on working with students on the aspects they are confident in and excel in. Swanson says she wants to showcase the talent at Western, and show to future employerwhat students have to offer. 

“I plan on bringing in employers from all over to have students meet and greet with them. I want students to get comfortable with the process and be confident when applying for their careers,” Swanson said.

Story by Grace Flynn. Photos by Grace Flynn.

Thursday, November 30, 2017 - 4:15pm