Savage Library's Newest Additions

Librarian Distin Fife talks with students

Savage Library's Newest Additions

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2016 - 8:30am

With a new director and new ideas, the Savage Library is likely to see many positive changes in the upcoming year.

The Leslie J. Savage Library held an open house September 21 to introduce their new library director Dustin Fife as well as new additions to the facility.

As students and faculty mingled and enjoyed snacks, Fife made the rounds talking to his fellow staff members and interacting with students. Fife, an experienced librarian, believes that connecting with the library’s patrons is key.

“It’s all about connecting with individuals and helping them where they want to go. Intellectually, in their careers, and in their personal life,” Fife said. “I hope to help students get where they want to go with their lives. To create the knowledge that is important to them, I hope to help the faculty to help them move further in their careers.”

Prior to his position at Western, Fife served as the Outreach and Patron Service Librarian at Utah Valley University for a year. Fife was also Library Director for San Juan County, Utah for five years prior.

Fife is currently focused on getting used to his new surroundings by taking time to learn about the university, its students and his employees.

Two people playing cards

“He sat down with each of us individually to see what we’re like and what we want to see happen,” Renee Barney, the information literacy librarian said. She added that Fife’s energy and fresh ideas are sure to move the library forward.

An idea of Fife’s that he has already put in motion is the addition of two FitDesks, a stationary bicycle attached to a desk. Students can work on their laptops or read a textbook while improving their cardiovascular health. The FitDesks are located on the first floor of the library.

“[Fife] thought it would be an innovative way for students to come to the library who maybe don’t have the time to come in because they have to work out or can’t work out because they have to study,” Library Technician Cheryl Dandel said.

Some of the visitors at the open house gave the FitDesks a go, however instead of studying and working out, most of them were snacking on their dinner.

The Leslie J. Savage is no longer just for books, it now has a game library that features Risk, Monopoly, card games and many others. There will also be Wednesday Night Game Night in association with the Gamer’s Guild, who recently moved their game nights to the library.

Game library

“We like it here, there’s a lot more room, and we’ll have a lot more access to different games now,” said Nick Budd, a Gamer’s Guild officer. The Gamer’s Guild meets Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm on the first floor of the library in the government documents room, also known as the “mural room.”

With the addition of the FitDesks and the game library, the Savage Library has started to reach out to different Western community members. Under Fife’s new direction, the library is sure to have more additions in the future. 

Story and photos by Roberta Marquette-Strain.

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