Roommates become best friends after being placed together

Students pose together in their dorm room
After choosing each other on Western's roommate selection program, two students become best friends.

Freshmen Hannah White and Melanie Turner met through Western’s roommate selection program online. They both were heading to Gunnison from out of state and needed to find a roommate for when they moved into the freshmen dorms on campus.

When choosing a roommate, White “was just looking for people that had good biographies.” Turner was not looking for a roommate but was contacted by White about living together and agreed to do so.

“Hannah just asked if I wanted to be her roommate,” Turner said.

Before leaving home for Western, Turner and White barely talked. They mostly spoke about who was going to get what for the room.

Once they got on campus, they were unsure of how things would go between them.

“I just didn’t know what to expect,” Turner said.

From the start, they clicked and within the first month of school, they had become best friends.

The only awkward part was when they first arrived and their moms were helping them move in, they said.

The first weeks of school were great. The two got along well and did everything together.

“Hannah and I were inseparable,” Turner said. 

Now, over a month into the second semester, White and Turner are a great example of a roommate success story.

“We share everything. I think we tell each other too much. But Hannah is one of my best friends so it makes it OK,” Turner said.  

“We share the space, food and clothes. We split up the chores too. Mel will do the dishes and I do our laundry,” White said.

They both agree that they wouldn’t want to live with anyone else.

Story by Taya Olson

Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 2:00pm