Professor John Hausdoerffer publishes new book, essays

John Hausdoerffer

John Hausdoerffer, Ph.D., recently published an edited collection, Wildness: Relations of People and Place, through the University of Chicago Press.

The book includes essays by Hausdoerffer himself as well as Western's David Rothman, in addition to works by internationally acclaimed authors and activists Gary Snyder, Vandana Shiva, Joel Salatin and Wes Jackson, among others.

Hausdoerffer also recently published an essay, “What is your rice? Overcoming the spiritual danger of alienation” for The Center for Humans and Nature. Hausdoerffer writes about the important role that manoominike (ricing) plays in connecting the Anishinaabe people to the land and to generations past and future. Then he turns the question on himself, "What is my rice?"

The Center is an organization that explores and challenges ideas about who we are as humans and how we ought to relate to one other and the whole community of life. They do this by posing big-picture questions, and Hausdoerffer's essay is a response to the question: "What kind of ancestor do you want to be?"

At a recent Geography of Hope conference, Hausdoerffer moderated a panel on this very question. The panel featured renowned Native American activist Winona LaDuke, poet and best-selling author Drew Dellinger and Native ecologist Melissa Nelson. View the whole discussion:

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 10:00am