Official statement regarding current events

Black and white photo of Taylor Hall

Official statement regarding current events

Emma Brophy
Photo by Jun 3, 2020

On Wednesday, June 3, 2020, Western Colorado University President Greg Salsbury released the following message to the Western Community:

"The tragic death of George Floyd has illuminated deep systemic injustices and divisions within our social fabric, and has led to unrest and further pain for justice advocates, small businessowners, and all those who work to knit together our civic patchwork.

Western Colorado University stands firmly and unyieldingly in support of diversity, inclusion, and respect for all, regardless of background and circumstance. This past week reminds us that our work on this front is never complete. We must continue to work together and in good faith to overcome bias, champion those who suffer unjust hardship, and refocus discord toward positive action. By fulfilling our educational mission with empathy, fairness, and hard work, we will stand Western Strong."