New direction for business studies at Western

Exterior shot of the Borick Business Buidling, including the Bear & Bull statues that stand outside of it
Western's future includes additional faculty, programs and experiences within the School of Business.

In recent years, Mountaineers studying Business fields have seen a great deal of new opportunities emerge. As one of the most popular areas of study on campus, the majors under the Business umbrella—which include Business Administration, Accounting, and Economics—have seen significant growth.

Faculty and students are optimistic about future developments in Business curriculum. The interest in Western’s Business programs has generated support for new areas of study, some of which will be arriving in Fall 2017.

New Finance professor Jim Harriss will be leading an effort to create two new Finance emphases for current and incoming Business students. Specialized classes will accompany the introduction of these programs, including curricula designed to prepare students for real estate certification, commercial banking and financial planning.

Another opportunity for students interested in Finance will be the Rocky Mountain Investment Challenge, held in Fort Collins. With student support, this will be a great way for Mountaineers to prepare for their futures.

A larger groundbreaking effort currently underway in Borick is the construction of a new MBA program. This change could occur as early as the Fall of 2018, giving Business students the opportunity to experience Western at the graduate level.

This program will include a different approach than a traditional MBA program. Integration with the current Master’s in Environmental Management program will place more emphasis on sustainability in business.

As the hard work for these changes intensifies, support for curriculum expansion in the Borick business building comes from all campus leaders and departments.

“There’s a lot of muscle behind these new programs,” Harriss said.

The wide variety of experiences available to Western’s Business students appears to be growing at an ever-increasing rate and will strengthen the campus community well into the future. With faculty and student support, business education will continue to reach new territory at Western in coming semesters.

Story by Anna Lhuillier.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 1:00pm