Geiman Fellows welcome 12 new members

Twelve new members of the Geiman Fellows program
With the end of the school year, the Geiman Fellows say goodbye to the seniors and welcome 12 new members to the program.

The Geiman Fellows is a program at Western for juniors that focuses on teaching students how to become leaders and productive members of society. Fellows are taught important values that they will use after graduation. Not only do the fellows learn from the staff and faculty members, as well as Dave Geiman—the benefactor of the program—they also learn from their peers.

“What I have enjoyed the most about being part of the Geiman Fellowship is the opportunity to meet professionals in many different fields and to work with a peer group to dissect that learning,” said Ahmad Chudnoff, a fellow.

At the end of the year, each fellow is asked to share their purpose statement and signature leadership style. They share what they have learned about themselves, what they need to work on and how they will apply these aspects in their daily lives.

“My biggest take away from Geiman Fellows is definitely finding myself and my own leadership style. I was inspired and sort of forced to take a direction, which was nice. I needed that motivation,” said Carley Clegg, another fellow.

“[Geiman Fellows] has brought me numerous opportunities, but not opportunities as far as jobs or internships, but opportunities to meet new people from different areas across the United States. Creating a bigger network and meeting new people has really been the biggest opportunity for me,” said Canyon Muller, a fellow.

With the end of Spring semester come goodbyes to graduating seniors—along with the introduction of new members to the program.

This year, the Geiman Fellows are welcoming 12 new members to the program:

Tukano Salat 
Shelby Deutsch 
Eliza Lockhart 
Dillon Post 
Ryan Belson 
CJ Gooderham 
Audrey Bell 
Taj Butler 
Anthony Oldani 
Nathaniel Graham 
Jennifer Swomley 
Jacob Reimer

The Geiman Fellows are chosen through a rigorous nomination, application and interview process. If you are interested in learning more, visit the Geiman Fellows page, or email Brooke Moran at or Annie Westbury at

Story by Taya Olson. Photo by Carley Clegg. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 1:30pm