Black Student Alliance hosts barbers from North Carolina

barbers cutting students' hair
Barbers specializing in cutting ethnic hair visited Western to provide haircuts for students and community members at an affordable price.

Black Student Alliance (BSA) welcomed their new advisor Kimberly Miller, who brought in barbers Tia Copper and Noel Barber to cut hair at a reasonable price.

The barbers flew in on a Sunday night and spent three days meeting the Gunnison community and providing haircuts.

“Ethic students do not have anyone in Gunnison to cut and style their hair, so we brought in some professionals,” Miller said.

This event was broadcasted to not only Western students but also to the community. The barbers provided their services to students, professors and others around the community who cannot get their hair styled in Gunnison.

“I am excited to have someone be able to come in and style my hair and have something special happen in Gunnison!” said Alicia Herbert, who is in charge of running meetings for BSA.

BSA is part of Encouraging Peers and Inclusive Culture (E.P.I.C) and has been a part of campus culture for 23 years now.

“This is our second event of the year for BSA, and we are planning many events for the next semester,” said Sally Romero, director of multicultural affairs.

The event didn’t only bring affordable haircuts to the community, it also brought the community together to support BSA. 

Story by Grace Flynn

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 9:15am