Asian Pacific Islanders Club hosts first Bistro Hour of school year

Students serve up food during Bistro Hour
Western's Asian Pasific Islanders Club (APIC) students come together to celebrate and educate each other and their peers about different cultures.

APIC recently hosted its first Bistro Hour of the year. The clubs members all shared their excitement of making Bistro Hour a monthly event. The group is also interested in hosting other events, such as smoothie days and sushi nights.

The first Bistro Hour was Korean barbeque, with fried rice and veggies. A bowl with meat was $6 and a veggie bowl was $4. If students brought their own bowl they got $1 off.

Some members of APIC were outside frying the chicken and cooking the rice while others were inside serving rice and veggies. Once students paid for the food inside the University Center and received their bowl of rice and veggies, they walked outside to grab the chicken.

“Our goals of spreading culture and happiness had felt like a success for our first Bistro Hour,” said Gabriel Portis, the Vice President of APIC. “We would want to keep and improve that throughout the year.”

Be sure to look out for more Bistro Hours from APIC as the semester goes on.

Story by Taya Olson. Photos by Taya Olson.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 2:30pm