‘Chicago Seven’ member Rennie Davis speaks at Quigley Hall

Rennie Davis addresses the crowd in Quigley Concert Hall.

‘Chicago Seven’ member Rennie Davis speaks at Quigley Hall

Pete Rivera
Photo by Oct 3, 2018

Western students and staff were given the opportunity to gather into Quigley Hall and classrooms to listen to one of the “Chicago Seven,” a group largely responsible for organizing the anti-Vietnam War protests which were deemed to be riots, a conviction which led to their eventual yet temporary arrest.

On Sept. 11 and 12, students and staff were encouraged to listen to the man once deemed to be “the most dangerous man in America” by Vice President Spiro T. Agnew. The event was hosted by Think Radio to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the “Chicago riots,” a nonviolent gathering to advocate for the end of the Vietnam War. In his talk, Davis shared this story in the realistic, spine-chilling detail hundreds of thousands of Americans witnessed on television 50 years ago. 

On both days, the audience was then given a chance to ask a wide array of relevant questions, from further inquiries on who Davis is to how change of similar or greater relevance could be brought forward today. His passion for the topic led to constructively complex answers, anecdotes and allusions that informed, entertained and ultimately led to the talk lasting longer than advertised just to ensure he had effectively answered all the questions. 

“We are an avalanche that is going to break down walls!” said Davis, informing his audience of its hidden potential to change everything from small communities to the entire world should enough people believe in its righteousness. 

Story by Pete Rivera.