Black Student Alliance

Mission Statement

Black Student Alliance's sole purpose is to educate and promote awareness to and through our members about our culture. Learning about "The life, the ongoing struggle, and the history" of our past, and current culture. In addition, to spread unity, diversity, and fellowship through our culture, to all cultures and to accept and embrace all walks of life in and around our campus. To continually stress the importance of unity and cultural education and involvement to the student body.

BSA Goals are to:

  • Increase membership  
  • Sponsor and host educational as well as non-educational events for the WSC student body and our supportive community.
  • Bring unity and diversity to an all time high within our club and within our campus.
  • Increase our involvement in the community.
  • Fundraising for our club.
  • Show our full pledged support for our fellow Multicultural clubs (AMIGOS, APIC, and NASC).

That every member learns to be more self-aware, professional, and well-rounded to make success a given in future endeavors.


BSA meets every Thursday at 12:30pm in the Multicultural Center (122 College Center)

The BSA Club works on several events throughout the year, some of their events are Free Style Battle (Fall/Spring), Soul Food Night, Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, Talent Show and other outside Campus/Community Service activities.


Soul Food Night

Soul Food Night is an event to give the students, staff, and faculty of Western a real African American home cooked dinner prepared by the club members using their authentic family recipes. This event is also used to speak to the students about the origin of some of the dishes cooked by our members and in fact the origin of "Soul Food."

Martin Luther King Commemoration and Candlelight Vigil

This event celebrates and one of the greatest leaders of our time and in African American history. BSA sponsors this annual commemoration and celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr... Dr. King worked diligently for equal rights and justice not only for ethnic minorities but for all people! This event begins with a candlelight march and ends with hot refreshments indoors with reflections, music, and prayer being shared by all. Finally, it is a great introduction to the upcoming Black History Month.

Talent Show

This event serves primarily as a fundraiser for the BSA organization. However, it is an evening full of high energy and fun! Come and participate for cash prizes or simply attend to see your peers sing, dance, perform comic routines, etc. Don't miss the fun!

Free Style Battle

This is very big event in which all campus and community members are welcome to attend or even participate. It involves the many contestants to engage in Free Style Rap Battles. The audience is in control of who goes on to the next round and furthermore to the championship battle. Cash prizes and even drawings are done to provide more fun to the spectators…Remember to bring your “A” game…because you’re going to need it…

Our way of saying "Thanks" to the wonderful students that gives so generously throughout the year!!!


BSA Event Dates 

Haunted House - 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - TBA

Soul Food Night & Freestyle Battle - TBA

Talent Show- TBA

Big Booty Bash - TBA

Poetry Slams - TBA

Assassin - TBA


Club Officers:

President: Sydney Lengyel
Vice President: Carra Jackson 
Secretary: Tukano Salat
Treasurer: Hussein Muyh