Q: The money on my card does not work.

Make sure you know how much money is on your card, you can do this by a "Balance Check" on any one of our PHIL stations around campus at the library, College Center and in Ute Hall. If you have not put any extra money on your card and have a meal plan the money on your card is probably just Flex Dollars. Flex Dollars can only be used at Rare Air and Mad Jacks. Mountaineer Cash however can be used at a variety of other locations.

Q: I have money on my Flex Dollars but it does not work.

If you do have Flex Dollars showing up however the money does not work it is probably because you changed meal plans. If you changed to a meal plan with less Flex Dollars.

Q: I lost my card.

If you lost your card please call the Mountaineer Card Office at 970.943.2469 and ask the staff to "freeze" your card. If your card is "frozen" it cannot be used by anyone else. If you find it you will have to return in person to the Mountaineer Card Office and let the staff see your ID in order for them to make your card work properly again. If you need to purchase another card it is $15.

Q: Just bought a new card then found my old one.

If you have already purchased a new card we cannot give you a refund. However if you keep your old card and lose your new card we can re-activate your old card.

Q: My card is in good condition but the magnetic stripe is wearing out.

If your card is in otherwise good condition and has only been worn out by natural use (not broken, no holes) it can be replaced for free as long as you bring your old card with you.

Q: I can't get into the 24 hour computer lab in Escalante.

All students are given access into the 24 hour computer lab at the beginning of the school year. If you have tried your card at the 24 hour computer lab and are not able to get in please let the staff know at the Mountaineer Card Office.

Q: I need access to a building because of a class but my card swipe does not work.

If you need access to a card access building, you will have been told by your professor. Only students in certain classes are given special permission to have access outside of normal building hours into those areas.

Q: They wouldn't let me into Rare Air, but I know I didn't use all my meals.

Meal plans are refreshed every Friday morning. The meal plan week starts on Friday morning and runs through Thursday night. If you think you did not use all your meals the staff at the Mountaineer Card Office can run you a report that shows when you ate each meal.

Q: How do I put money on my card?

You can add money onto your card. This money is called Mountaineer Cash. You can deposit cash at the PHIL stations in University Center, Taylor Hall and the library. You can deposit money through credit/debt cards and checks at the Cashier's Office in Taylor Hall.

Q: How can I check the balance on my card?

The easiest way to check your balance is to go to a PHIL station and do a balance check.

Q: How long does money stay on my card?

  • Flex Dollars: On the Mountaineer, Blue Mesa, and Crimson plans your Flex Dollars will only last for the duration of the semester. For the Mountaineer 20/40/80 plans Flex Dollars will carry over from semester to semester but not year to year.
  • Mountaineer Cash: This money will carry over from semester to semester and from year to year. The only time you can receive your money back is when you leave Western (graduate, transfer, etc.)