Uploading Documents

Avoid Linking or Sharing Word Files

In general, please avoid posting files that require special software to view. This includes Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Quicktime and WMV videos, and even Adobe PDFs–although Acrobat Reader is a free program that can view PDF files. Not everyone has the same software as yours installed on their computers.

Word documents and PDFs also tend to also take longer to download than web pages take to display. This is especially true on mobile devices.

When Is It OK to Upload a Document?

  • Printing: If you have a form, flyer or other document that you want your users to print, convert it to a PDF first. In rare cases (as when you want users to to type into a form or otherwise modify the document), you may use a Word Document.
  • Special Data: If you have a file that has special data, macros or must be opened in a specific program (such as an Excel spreadsheet), you can upload that file.
  • Archives: If you have information that needs to be archived as a permanent record (such as meeting minutes), upload it as a PDF.
  • Handbooks and Manuals: Certain documents are designed as guides, handbooks or manuals, in which the pages should be viewed together. If you have such a multi-page document, PDF is often the best delivery method.

Tips for Uploading Documents

  • To upload a document while editing one of your Drupal pages, go to File Attachments (beneath the "Body" editing field) and click "Select."
  • Browse to find the file you want to upload.
  • Remember your file's name. You will need that exact name later when you link to it in the body of a document or in a menu.
  • Documents attached to your page will be listed at the bottom.
  • You can upload many kinds of documents, including sound files, movies, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and more. Remember many people will not have specialized software to view some file types.

Linking to Uploaded Documents

  • Be sure to carefully note the name of the document you attached to the page you are editing.
  • Highlight text in the body that you want to serve as a link to the document.
  • Click “LinkIt” – either the icon or in the choices offered when you right-click – and search for the name of your document.
  • When you find the document you wish to link, click “Insert Link.”