Add an Event to the University Calendar

Your events are important! Our University Calendar should reflect the vibrant, active, interesting and engaged campus life here at Western. Thank you for helping to keep the calendar up-to-date and filled with the wide variety of events that our busy Mountaineers participate in.

Authenticated users (Faculty, Staff and Students) at Western can now log in to create and edit events for the calendar.  Follow the steps below.



  1. If you haven't done so already, submit a workorder with IT to get web access. 
  2. Once you received confirmation, you will be able to log in to the website.
  3. To log in, go to and type in your credentials 
    (note, you can also click the Admin Login link on the website footer)
  4. You are now ready to add your events. 


  1. Once you've been set up to add events (see above), log in to the website at
  2. The black “admin bar” should appear across the top of your browser window while you're logged in on
  3. Click on “Add Content” in the black admin bar
  4. Click on "Event"
  5. Choose the site section "CALENDAR OF EVENTS" from your drop-down list.
    (Note: there may only be one choice, and that will be CALENDAR OF EVENTS, unless you have other web editing permissions.)
  6. Give your event a Title (this is what will show up on the calendar, so something short and descriptive is good).
  7. IN GENERAL: Leave the AUDIENCE checkboxes BLANK: this is reserved for marketing events on our specific “Audience Landing Pages."
  8. Enter the event LOCATION.
  9. Enter the EVENT DATE(S) – I would avoid the “Repeat” function – it still needs some work, but will be nice for monthly or weekly meetings in the future
    1. NOTE: AVOID "REPEAT EVENTS" - the functionality is very bad in this calendar system.
    2. You do not have to put an end time or end date for your event if you un-check the "Show End Date" box
  10. Write a brief DESCRIPTION (the icons in the Edit Summary box work a lot like Microsoft Word).
    - To link to an external website, use the regular chain link.
    - To link to an internal page, use the “LinkIt” button.
    – You can choose which Departments’ pages (academic & non-academic) your event will automatically show up on,
    – And you can also choose the Academic Programs' pages you would like your event to show up on. Just click on the department or program you’d like to be listed on (ctrl + click for multiple departments and programs).
  12. CHOOSE EVENT TYPE = STUDENTS - this is important so that your event will show up on the public calendar. 
    This is set as the default, so you don't need to do anything different here!
  13. CONTACT INFORMATION – enter the contact name & info for your event
  14. Get ready to SAVE YOUR EVENT! (See below)


There are two steps to publishing your event to the live calendar:

  1. At the very bottom of the editing interface where you add your event, click on "Publishing Options" (it's a tab just above the Save button), and choose "Needs Review" for your moderation state. 
  2. SAVE your event as "Needs Review" (Blue "Save" button is on bottom left of form.)
  3. Once your event is saved as "Needs Review", you will be able to click on "Edit Draft," scroll all the way to the bottom "Publishing Options" tab, and this time choose "Published" for your moderation state.
  4. SAVE your event as "Published" and it's now live on the Western website!
  5. CHECK THE CALENDAR – it could take about 15 minutes for the event to show up depending on when the automated system runs through and flushes the site’s cache (it is scheduled to run every 15 minutes).
  6. If your event doesn’t show up, please submit a workorder with IT.
  7. FRONT PAGE WORTHY EVENTS? If you’d like your event to show up on the MAIN HOME PAGE for all public visitors to see, email me & I’ll promote your event to the front page!



  1. Log in at
  2. Click on the Calendar Link  at the top of the header to view the calendar, or go to
  3. Surf to the event you want to edit.
  4. Click the red “NEW DRAFT” link.
  5. Make changes.
  6. On the Publishing Options tab just above the "Save" button, choose the moderation state "Needs Review." 
  7. Review your edits.
  8. If you're happy with your edits, choose the "EDIT DRAFT" link.
  9. Scroll down to the Publishing Options tab, and choose "PUBLISHED."