MA in Education, Educator Effectiveness

Western's online M.A. in Education, Educator Effectiveness is a personalized degree program that is designed to help currently-licensed teachers meet their professional performance goals.

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How does the program work?

"What is worth noting is that the impact of this particular program of study will be measured by the teachers’ performance in the classroom, and ultimately by the growth of the students in those teachers’ classrooms. There is a powerful bridge created between the role of rigorous teacher preparation beyond initial licensure and high-quality instruction for our K-12 students."

Colleen O'Neil, Director of Educator Licensing, Colorado Dept. of Education

You will work closely with a faculty advisor to build a degree plan based on your own interests and professional growth goals, as they relate to Colorado's Teacher Quality Standards, and you will document your growth towards those goals over the course of your degree.  For example, you may wish to want to improve your students' Reading scores, implement a new learning strategy, become a leader in your school, or improve your overall teacher effectiveness rating.  

Capstone project: A final capstone project will require a portfolio of evidence from multiple measures to establish the rate and degree of improvement in performance. The portfolio will be due and evaluated to coincide with completion of the program. 

Do I need to travel to Gunnison?

No, your coursework will be completed entirely online.  

How long does the program take to complete?

The degree requires 30 credits of coursework and may be completed in one to five years.

How much does the program cost?

The cost of the M.A. in Education, Educator Effectiveness is $12,520 ($404 per credit, plus a $400 comprehensive advising/exam fee). 

What sets this program apart?

Individualized: Teachers take courses that are relevant to their professional needs rather than a prescribed course list.

Designed around Colorado's Teacher Quality Standards:  Under Senate Bill 10-191, teachers are rated on Quality Standards that measure professional practice and student learning over time.   Western's Educator Effectiveness M.A. degree program helps teachers meet their performance goals.

Performance-based:  The impact of this program is  measured by the teachers’ performance in the classroom, and ultimately by the growth of the students in those teachers’ classrooms. 

Can I add an endorsement while I earn the M.A. in Education, Educator Effectiveness?

Yes, qualified teachers may add one of the following endorsements as part of the MA degree coursework:

What options are out there for financing my degree?

Candidates taking five (5) or more credits may apply for federal loans and may be eligible for repayment or loan forgiveness programs:

IBR Info (Income-Based Repayment)

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program