Western welcomes you to your temporary home. 

Through our offerings of accommodating lodging and noteworthy spirit of hospitality, we want to make sure that your stay at Western is both an engaging and pleasant one. Western delivers lodging ranging from traditional dormitory-style rooms to four bedroom apartments and a considerable amount of options in between. All at prices unmatched by conventional hotels. In conclusion, here at Western we are eager to establish relationships and extend our hallmark of friendliness to insure that your visit is comfortable and memorable. 


*Conference Service Lodging pricing is subject to change prior to reservation of rooms/spaces. 

Room Type:Western Groups Off-Campus groups 
Residence Hall - Double Room (Ute, Escalante Complex, and Mears Complex
Residence Hall - Single Room (Ute, Escalante Complex, and Mears Complex)$20.00$25.25
Chipeta Apartments - Double Bedroom Apartment (Chipeta Apartments$25.00 ($50.00/apt)$30.50 ($61.00/apt)
Chipeta Apartments - Single Bedroom Apartment (Chipeta Apartments)$30.50$36.00
Pinnacle Apartments - Two Bedroom Apartment (Pinnacles Apartments)$35.00 ($70.00/apt)$40.00 ($80.00/apt)
Pinnacle Apartments - Three Bedroom Apartment (Pinnacles Apartments$35.00 ($105.00/apt)$40.00 ($120.00/apt)
Pinnacle Apartments - Four Bedroom Apartment (Pinnacles Appartments$35.00 (140.00/apt)$40.00 ($160.00/apt)


  • Available linens packages (sheets, pillow with case, blankets, towels and washcloths)
  • In-room Wifi 
  • 24-hour available staff
  • Laundry facilities 
  • Areas of recreation
  • Access to Fitness Center
  • Vending machines