How to become a DJ

Want to be a DJ?​

  1. Contact our trainer Rachael Stubbs to start.
  2. Take a tour of the station, receive the official KWSB Training Handbook.
  3. Sit in on a manager's show.
  4. Take the DJ test.
  5. Record a "sim show."
  6. Live broadcast with a manager sitting in.
  7. You're a DJ!

If you want to join the management side of KWSB, contact our station manager Grace Flynn

As a member of the KWSB team, you can: 

  • Play music live on-air
  • Deliver announcements to the community
  • Produce stingers, PSAs, underwriting spots, shows
  • Write and deliver news
  • Review new music
  • Promote the station on campus and in the community
  • Broadcast Western athletic events (football, women’s and men’s basketball)

Want to be a sports broadcaster? 

We broadcast Western's Football, Women's Basketball and Men's Basketball. If you are interested in being a sports broadcaster or want assist in the studio during broadcasts, contact Sports Director Jimmy Palato.


Below you can find a PDF copy of KWSB's handbook for the 2018-19 school year, which contains guidelines for DJs as well as other station policies. 

PDF iconKWSBHandbook18-19.pdf