iLearn Collaborative Professional Development


The Extended Studies Department is proud to announce a partnership with iLearn Collaborative to offer professional development online courses for educators. 

About iLearn Collaborative: 

iLearn courses are built by practitioners for practitioners nationally and internationally. They are immediately applicable in the classroom, designed for optimum participation and informed by education innovation worldwide.

  • Courses are offered in the Schoology platform.
  • Most courses are three weeks and are eligible for one college credit.
  • Courses are facilitated by experienced blended and personalized learning practitioners. Practitioners supplement online materials with synchronous group activities, one-on-one coaching and personalized feedback on assignments.
  • Blended Learning moves educators through personalized pathways from introductory to advanced levels of knowledge and experience, meeting the instructional needs of participants.
  • Participants control when and what to learn through On-Demand and Just-In-Time course offerings.

Below are the descriptions of the classes from the iLearn website:

Instructional Best Practices in Blended Learning>: this course provides participants with the opportunity to study aspects of best instructional practices and strategies in blended learning in order to implement a blended learning model (Flipped Model). Participants also explore instructional differences and similarities between being a content expert and an expert facilitator. In addition, participants review, respond, design and implement the following in a blended setting: 1. Quality standards in online and blended learning; 2. Instructional strategies and tools that build student engagement and support in blended settings; 3. Instructional strategies that build self-directed, autonomous learners; and 4. Synchronous and asynchronous tools for virtual instruction in a blended setting. 

Instructional Best Practices in Math: this course provides students with the opportunity to study best instructional practices in math. Learners will explore methods for engaging students in blended settings, designing and producing an investigative math assignment to implement in their classroom.

Instructional Best Practices in Special Education: this course reviews best practices in blended learning and introduces the role of a special educator in a blended environment. It touches on how the responsibilities of a special educator can be adapted to an online environment. By the end of the course, students will produce an outline for a structured day in a blended or online environment.

Introduction to Personalized Learning:  participants in this course become familiar with the process of implementing a personalized learning model in their classroom through dynamic engagement in student-centered activities from profile and pathway building to voice and choice of resources and assessments. Educators learn how to master innovative strategies through modeling and reflective practice.

Student Choice and Agency:  this course is a deeper dive into the personalized learning pedagogy. Participants actively engage in developing content for immediate use in their classroom. They build student profiles and diagnostic assessments, learn how to use data to guide students in identifying learning targets and writing objectives and goals and design multiple assessments for various mastery levels. Student support structures and management of independent learning time are additional focuses of study.

Practicing Personalized Learning in Your Competency-Based Classroom:  this course provides students with the opportunity to study aspects of personalized learning in competency-based education. Learners will explore the link between elements of personalized and competency-based learning. They will investigate assessment options, design and implementation as well as explore best instructional strategies for engaging students in data analytics as it applies to path building and achievement.​

The Who, What, & How of Personalized Learning: this course provides students with the opportunity to closely examine aspects of personalized learning the Imaginarium way. Participants will examine the theories behind personalized learning, discover the differences between personalized learning and other models and explore effective instructional strategies, determining which to implement in their setting. By the end of the course, educators will produce a prototype, based on the driver model, specific to their content and classroom environment.

Leadership Course: Introducing Blended Learning to Your School or District:  aimed at educational leaders as they begin to design and implement digital learning in their school or district, this course provides an overview of blended learning basics as well as a deep dive into sustainable and disruptive models. Leadership coaching strategies are integrated into the course, making it a perfect first step for administrators and emerging school leaders.

Leadership Course: Supporting Blended Learning in Your School or District: this course is designed to help educational leaders identify the supports needed for their staff, students and community as they begin implementation of blended learning in their school or district. The class offers guided practice with tools and strategies for both individual and school-wide use. Topics include looking at the iNACOL Blended Learning Competencies for Teachers, supporting students in their new role as 21st-century learners and engaging with stakeholders to build community.

Registration is a two step process ~~
  1. The first step is to register with iLearn Collaborative.  
  2. The next step is to complete the Western Extended Studies registration form to enroll in 1 EDUC 510 credit. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
    • Note: the Western Extended Studies registration form must be received by the fourth day of class. Late registrations or registrations submitted after the course ends cannot be accepted. To earn credit, students must successfully complete 45 hours of academic engagement and an 80 percent or higher on coursework. 
iLearn Partnership

The Extended Studies office will offer one EDUC 510 credit. The cost of the credit is $65. Payment for the credit must be received by the start of the course. Once the semester has ended, the transcript for the course can be ordered for $6 at The acceptance of the credit is at the discretion of individual school districts. It is highly recommended that you verify with your school district that the credit is acceptable. 

Academic Integrity

As members of the academic community, students are expected to recognize and uphold standards of intellectual and academic integrity. The University assumes, as a basic and minimum standard of conduct in academic matters, that students will be honest and that they will submit for credit only the products of their own efforts. Both the ideals of scholarship and the need for practices that are fair require that all dishonest work be rejected as a basis for academic credit. They also require that students refrain from any and all forms of dishonorable conduct in the course of their academic work. For each credit hours, 15 hours of in class instruction and 30 hours of work outside of class must occur. 

Get to Know your Professors:


Judy Perez is the CEO and Founder of iLearn Collaborative (ILC).  ILC is a nonprofit education services provider offering consulting, professional development and open education resources for schools, districts and education agencies. ILC serves education agencies across the U.S. and internationally.  Judy has been identified as a national level expert in K-12 online and blended learning by the U.S. Department of Education. She has over 26 years of experience in education with 14 years in online and blended learning.

Prior to founding the iLearn Collaborative, she directed district-level blended learning at Jeffco Public Schools, the largest school district in Colorado and led its online school from turnaround status to Performance accreditation. Judy's career in education includes the roles of science teacher, assistant principal, principal, district leadership and CAO for the Colorado Charter School Institute at the Colorado Department of Education. Judy was one of the earliest educators who launched the exploration of leveraging technology in the classroom, leading e-learning development in Colorado for over a decade. She has presented at conferences nationally and internationally, participated in several research projects, has contributed published articles on innovation in education and has been appointed to serve on state education advisory committees. Judy has advocated and contributed her time supporting state legislation for innovation in education. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Schoolrunner, LLC. Most proudly, Judy is the parent of two blended learners.


Jennifer Aubain joined iLearn Collaborative as an instructional designer as well as an instructor. Her experience ranges in the brick and mortar, online and online/blended settings as an educator in special education K-12 as well as regular education in the middle school arena. She currently teaches K-12 special education at Springs Studio for Academic Excellence in Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Education at Chadron State College where she played basketball on scholarship. She then skipped across the U.S. to experience Washington, D.C. and the northern Virginia area as a coach and special education teacher. After meeting her husband there, they decided to move back to her native Colorado to raise their family who consists of three boys and a girl. Due to Jennifer’s love of education and technology, she pursued and graduated with a Masters of Science in Integrating Technology into the Classroom.  


Lynée Zajac-Beck ,Open Education Resources Program Manager | Course Designer and Developer | lzajacbeck@ilearncollaborative.org

 Lynée Zajac Beck is on the Instructional Design Team with iLearn Collaborative and serves as the Digital Content Warehouse Program Manager. Lynée specializes in creative, effective and efficient approaches to learning and training. Her experience includes eLearning design and development as well as expertise in various learning management systems.

 Lynée has been in education since 1997 teaching in brick and mortar, online and blended classrooms. She is licensed in Secondary Science and Mathematics in Colorado, Washington state, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas and Georgia. She grew up near Detroit then moved to Tucson to twirl baton and study science at the University of Arizona. She relocated to Colorado early in her teaching career and earned a Master's Degree from the University of Colorado. 


Mari Hobkirk | Instructor iLearn Collaborative |

Mari Hobkirk started her teaching career in 1991 at Jefferson High School. Since then she has taught various math and science courses at Wheat Ridge HS, Green Mountain HS and Jeffco’s 21st Century Virtual Academy. In addition she was an exchange teacher to Melbourne, Australia for a year. Mari also spent one year as a TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) and helped develop curriculum for Jeffco’s Virtual Academy. 

 She has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Health from Colorado State University and a Masters degree in Education from the University of Phoenix. Mari was awarded the 2016 Online and Blended Education Recognition Award from the Colorado Department of Education. 


Natialie Ruecker | Instructor iLearn Collaborative

Natalie Ruecker recently joined the iLearn Collaborative team as an instructional designer and course facilitator.  She has fifteen years of experience teaching high school mathematics in traditional and blended settings.  She currently teaches high school math in a blended setting at Springs Studio for Academic Excellence in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Natalie earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Mathematics, as well as a Master’s Degree in Education from California Lutheran University. She has lived in Colorado since 2008 with her husband, who is a special education teacher and their four children. Natalie has a passion for teaching through technology and seeks to help other educators use technology to enrich their traditional and virtual classrooms.  


Rosemary Sweat | iLearn Collaborative |

 Rosemary Sweat wears many hats as Program Support Manager for iLC. Not only does she develop, design and facilitate online courses for professional development, she oversees much of the minutiae that allows iLC to continue its ascent in the world of educational innovation. Event planning, conference design, communications and support services are included in her repertoire of responsibilities.

Rosemary has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. She is endorsed in both Secondary Social Studies and English and has taught middle school and high school in brick and mortar, online and blended settings. She also has experience in the expeditionary and project-based learning classrooms. In her various roles, Rosemary consistently incorporated project-based, experiential and hands-on field work in her content areas. She has overseen a myriad of educational expos and community events, encouraging award-winning student projects and involvement.

During family time, she enjoys searching the mountains and plains of Colorado for historic railroad beds. Also, Rosemary enjoys hiking, boating and fishing. Colorado winters are for reading!


John Canuel | Instructor iLearn Collaborative

John Canuel brings over 35 years of experience K-12 leadership, teaching and learning. He currently consults with various companies, organizations and schools in strategic planning and leadership models to maximize time and resources to focus on student learning. Prior to this work, John served as VP of K-12 Strategy with Blackboard and held various positions with Jeffco Public Schools. Those positions include classroom teacher, staff developer, curriculum director and technology/library director. As Jeffco’s Executive Director for Educational Technology Services, John successfully implemented nationally recognized technology integration models and online learning programs. 


Kassidy Hertzel | Instructor iLearn Collaborative 

This will be Mrs. Hetzel's 15th year teaching English Language Arts at the secondary level. She earned her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix in 2007 and in 2010 she earned her Educational Specialist Doctorate degree in Educational Technology online from Walden University. This learning experience helped her to understand both sides of virtual learning as a student and as an educator. Educational Technology is Mrs. Hetzel's passion and she loves to incorporate a wide variety of web 2.0 tools into her lessons to make learning more engaging and more student focused. Mrs. Hetzel lives in Centennial with her husband, son and naughty basset hound. 


Richard Resendez | Instructor iLearn Collaborative 

Richard Resendez has over 20 years of experience in early childhood through higher education. During this time, he has worked as a teacher, school leader, school and school leader consultant, education researcher and district level staff member. Richard attended Michigan State for his PhD in Education Policy and the University of Michigan for his MA in Educational Foundations and Policy and BA in History. His expertise includes: educational policy analysis, comparative education, school based innovation and design thinking, instructional knowledge and evaluation and school leadership. He has provided education consulting and coaching through Denver Public Schools, RMC Research Corporation, Miske Witt and Associates and UNICEF. Richard has presented numerous academic research papers at the American Education Research Association, Comparative and International Education Society and the Literacy Research Association.

If you have any questions regarding the partnership the Extended Studies Department has with iLearn Collaborate, please contact the Extended Studies Department at 970.943.2885 or at