Temporary Faculty

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty -

For information on part-time and full-time temporary  teaching opportunities, please contact the chair or director of the appropriate academic discipline (this is for informational purposes only & does not imply that any vacancy exists unless specifically listed):

Art;  Chase Hutchison, chair; (970)943-2035, chutchison@western.edu

Behavioral & Social Sciences; Greg Haase, chair; (970) 943-7078;  ghaase@western.edu

Business, Accounting & Economics; Kevin Nelson,chair; (970) 943-2610;  knelson@western.edu

Communication Arts, Language & Literature; Terry Schliesman, chair; (970) 943-2036; tschliesman@western.edu

Environmental Studies;  Kate Clark, director; (970)943-2051, kclark@western.edu

Honors Program; Kelsey Bennett, director; (970) 943-7021; kbennett@western.edu

Recreation,  Exercise & Sport Science; Mark Gibson, chair; (970) 943-2010; mgibson@western.edu

Mathematics & Computer Science;  Robert Cohen, chair; (970)943-2111, rcohen@western.edu

Music; Robert Barrett, chair; (970) 943-3023; rbarrett@western.edu

Natural & Environmental Sciences; Kevin Alexander, chair; (970) 943-3405; kalexander@western.edu

Education;  George Kamberelis, chair; (970)943-2033, gkamberelis@western.edu

Extended Studies;  Ana Ketch, director; (970)943-3069, aketch@western.edu

Master in Environmental Management; John Hausdoerffer, director; (970)943-3450, jhausdoerffer@western.edu

Graduate Program in Creative Writing; David Rothman, director; (970)943-2058, drothman@western.edu

Master in High Altitude Exercise Physiology; Christina Buchanan, director; (970)943-2027, cbuchanan@western.edu

Master in Gallery Management & Exhibits Specialization; Jeffrey Taylor, director; (970)943-2285, jtaylor@western.edu