New Hire Onboarding

Welcome to Western!

Before you arrive

Print out and complete the following forms, which will allow us to set you up with access for your first day. 

In compliance with our affirmative action and equal opportunity employment responsibilities, we invite all of our new hires voluntarily to complete the two forms below. These forms allow employees to self-identify whether or not they have a disability and whether or not they are protected veterans.

If you choose to complete the forms below, the data we collect will help us produce statistics and will not be used against you in any way. You may return completed forms to the HR office.

Submit completed forms to:

Cheelone Spritzer
Mail: Taylor Hall 321, 1 Western Way, Gunnison, CO 81231
Fax: 970.943.2277
Email attachment:


Upon acceptance of hire, schedule an orientation on or before your third day of employment. Please contact the Benefits Administrator to set up a meeting time. 

LaDonna Garcia | 970.943.2152

Temporary or other non-benefited hires will only need to schedule about 20-30 minutes. Benefited hires will need a couple hours and might be scheduled in groups.