Classified Job Announcements

Applicants for classified positions must be current Colorado residents to apply.  Visit the State Employment FAQ
for residency information & requirements.

Administrative Assistant II (CALL/HNRS) – closes Monday, July 11, 2018.

Positions open within the State of Colorado "classified" employee system must be officially announced on the
CO-jobs webpage.  Applications must be submitted by the "apply by" date as instructed in the announcement.

To view the status of any ongoing search for which you have applied, visit your account on the CO-jobs webpage.

View our:                General Information Regarding Your Application

document for more information about what to expect from Western State Colorado University's process.  The CO-jobs
website also has frequently asked questions page that you might find helpful.

If additional information or clarification has been requested from you by the analyst evaluating your application against
the state of Colorado's minimum qualifications, you may use the Supplemental Employment Experience Addendum which
the analyst will attach to your job application in the CO-jobs website.