Grants Resource Center

GRC member resources include: 

  • Funded Proposals:  Abstracts of funded proposals are available for viewing from many different agencies.  The actual proposal is  available upon request.  Requests for full proposals must be made by the Director of Sponsored Programs. 
  • Grant Search:  an easy to use search tool with 2,000 private and federal funding opportunities screened for recurrence and higher education eligibility.  
  • Resource Library with sample policies, and development tools.
  • Faculty Alert Registration:  provides opportunity to receive monthly notices fine-tuned to your specific needs including federal and private funding opportunities. 
  • Reports specific to higher education and current topics. 
  • Weekly and monthly  bulletins and announcements, and a twitter feed in Headlines.

The GRC is available to all faculty and staff.  To access this resource, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs by email to

Individualized tutorials and small group sessions are available upon request.  Contact the office for information.