Western Profiles

Rachael Sandhagen-Turner
Quote: Honors student double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology, President of Psi Chi Honor Society, SGA, Active Minds, tutor at Gunnison Middle School, and so much more!

Dean of Graduate Studies Dean Chavez
Quote: Dean of Graduate Studies and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs

Status: Staff
Alan Cleary
Quote: "Western prepared me for graduate school."

Status: Alumnus
Alexia Abric Headshot
Quote: As an Honors Program student, Mountain Sports athlete and an active member of the Academic Leadership Program, Alexia is versatile in terms of academics as well as athletics. 

Status: Student
Alexis Kelley riding her mountain bike
Quote: "I came to Western because of all the opportunities it presents." - Recreation and Outdoor Education Major

Status: Alumnus
Alissa Axtell smiles at the camera
Quote: “Western’s position as Director of Educator Licensing provided me with the opportunity to not only combine policy and experience but also to help prepare the next generation of influential educators."

Status: Staff
Allie Huizenga
Quote: Through her successful summer internship and experiences at Western, Allie learned "your future is determined by how much effort you put in." 

Status: Student
Amber Leal
Quote: "In such a unique location, Western draws in people who are passionate about being here and are driven to learn. "

Status: Student
Alumni Andre Wilkins
Quote: "Western gave me the education, freedom, and confidence to pursue my dream career as a successful Colorado band director"

Status: Alumnus
Atop a mountain, Andres stand in Western gear with his skis strapped to his backpack.
Quote: “The program’s uniqueness, affordability and the area’s recreational opportunities drew me to Gunnison.  I would do it all over again if I could.”

Status: Alumnus