Student Financial Services: Financial Aid

Student Financial Services is here to help you navigate and obtain a wide variety of financial assistance to help you pay for your education.

A Western State Colorado University education is an excellent investment in your and/or your child's future.  The Student Financial Services staff are here to help you understand the various financial aid programs that are available and to work individually with those who face significant financial difficulties during their career at Western.  Overall 74 percent of our students receive some type of financial assistance, which includes federal, state and institutional awards.  Please review this site for information about our scholarships, grants, loans, tuition programs and work-study programs.  We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service to our students and their families.  

Communicating with Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services office will communicate with students primarily through their Western State Colorado University email address and their MyWestern account. Students will be expected to access their MyWestern account for the following:

  • To determine missing documents required to complete the application process.

  • To view and print financial aid award letters.

  • To accept, decline, or reduce awards offered.

  • To complete Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note.

The vast majority of your questions can be answered by accessing your MyWestern account. This is especially helpful during our peak processing months when contacting the office is difficult. MyWestern account updates occur in real time. What this means is that as we make changes to student's files, those changes are immediately updated in your account. We have invested in this technology in order to put you in the driver's seat from any computer connected to the web and giving you the ability to monitor the progress of your application for financial aid from the comfort of your home.

We urge students and parents to use the MyWestern account to monitor their application process. By doing so, it permits us to devote time to student applications which are more complex and require additional attention in processing. However, should you need to contact the office, the directory tab above will assist you in reaching your Financial Aid Counselor. Counselors have been assigned by the student's last name.

Use our financial aid tools webpage to help you navigate through the financial aid process!

Our Mission

Student Financial Services supports students in achieving their academic goals, by helping remove financial barriers in obtaining a quality education.  The office's mission is to offer coordinated delivery of student aid programs that support the recruitment of academically talented and diverse students.  Our main goals include delivering funds in a timely and equitable manner, and acting with fiscal responsibility to follow federal, state and institutional policies and regulations, in the administration of student financial aid.

Student Financial Services supports enrollment and retention by connecting students and their families to financial resources and educating parents and students so they can make sound financial decisions.  In responding to the diverse and changing needs of the university, a spirit of cooperation, innovation and fairness will be maintained.  Student Financial Services is committed to providing exemplary service in the most effective and efficient way possible to support the needs of our students and university community.