Orientation FAQs

Do I have to attend Orientation?

All first time freshman* and transfer students (under 21) with 23 credits or less are required to attend New Student Orientation (NSO) on August 19-23. Students 21 or older and transfer students with 24 or more credits are required to attend Transfer & Non-Traditional Student Orientation (TNS) on August 21.

What does the Orientation fee cover?

The fee charged ($250-NSO & $50-TNS) for Orientation includes your food and housing during Orientation and covers the sessions and services utilized. The fee for Parent & Family Orientation is $50 per person. This includes programming, Welcome BBQ, and a Dessert Reception. The fee also covers all the Week of Welcome (WOW) events and activities that take place during the first two weeks of fall semester.

When will I receive Orientation materials?

After you register for classes with the Academic Resource Center, you will receive a confirmation email with your class schedule. You will also receive a separate email from the Orientation Office with information about the program and a program called "Think About It," which is a required online training that all new students entering Western under the age of 21 must take.

When can I register for fall classes?

New students are eligible to register for classes on May 1. You will be automatically registered for New Student Orientation when you register for fall 2015 classes. Learn more about class registration here.

Can my family come too?

Yes! Western is hosting a Parent & Family Orientation. This program will include the Dean's Chat and other opportunities to connect with various departments on campus. In addition, guests are invited to come to our Welcome BBQ, Campus Resource Fair Luncheon and a Dessert Reception. The fee for Parent & Family Orientation is $50/person and siblings under 18 are free.  Sign up here....

What should I bring to Orientation?

You will already be moved into your room in your assigned residence hall during Orientation, so you should have everything you need. Some of the Orientation programming will be on campus and just every day attire is all you need. However, some Orientation activities are quite active and you will be spending time outside while you give back to the Gunnison community doing a service project with your HWTR 100 class and exploring the area on a Wilderness Pursuits trip. When you check-in for Orientation, we'll make sure you know what specific clothing you will need to wear for those activities.