Furniture Purchases

Colorado Correctional Industries (CCi)

Colorado Correctional Industries is a division of the Colorado Department of Corrections that employs inmates in more than 60 programs, manufactures goods and provides services to public and private entities. Furniture products include: seating, office desks and case goods, computer workstations, reception and lounge, residence/dormitory, computer, conference and seminar tables, file and storage cabinets, bookcases and shelves, and modular panel systems. Other products include:  signage, apparel, flags, linens, metal products, and many more. Services include: furniture repair and refinishing, printing, graphic design, CAD design, and more.  See CCi's website for complete, current information.

"Office Furniture" and "Office Systems" Defined

The terms “office furniture” and “office systems” mean "those systems and furniture that, at the time the product requirement is communicated, are described in Division of Correctional Industries' catalogs and web site and are intended primarily for use in an office environment (including faculty offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms).  Office furniture and systems include chairs of any kind (standard, desk, folding, stools, stacking, side, reception, lounge, sofas, classroom, dining hall, dormitory, etc.), tables of any kind (standard, conference, folding, coffee, end, classroom, dining, etc.), desks of any kind (including classroom), file cabinets, storage cabinets, bookcases, credenzas and hutches, office wardrobes (not dormitory), computer furniture of any kind, workstations of any kind, and modular office systems (panels, surfaces, files, shelving, overheads, etc.).