Scholarship Policies

Western Colorado University provides undergraduate scholarships and discounts to students who are enrolled in degree programs through funds provided by alumni, private donors, the federal and state government and College general funds. Merit scholarships, WUE, and Central Plains discounts are only available to students seeking their first undergraduate degree.

The Office of Financial Aid awards merit-based academic scholarships and other awards each year to entering freshmen. All scholarships are awarded for the academic year (fall and spring semesters). Scholarships are awarded based on information submitted on the Western Colorado University admissions application. A separate scholarship application is not required unless noted.

All institutional/grant program awards are based on a student's classification for tuition purposes, a combination of ACT/SAT scores, coursework, cumulative high school grade point average and information contained in the admissions application. Freshman scholarships are four year (eight consecutive semesters), renewable scholarships requiring full time enrollment. Full-time enrollment (minimum 12 hours per semester) in an undergraduate degree program is required as well as meeting minimum grade point average requirements.

Limit of College Scholarship/Award Funding to Individual Students

A student's Western Colorado University funds (gift, scholarships, discounts and guarantee awards) may not exceed direct costs (tuition, fees, room and board based on averages of approved rates using double occupancy room in the Mears Complex and the Mountaineer Meal Plan). Students seeking an additional bachelor degree or master degree are NOT eligible for Western's Merit scholarships, WUE, or Central Plains discounts.

If the student also receives non-Western funds (including all forms of federal, state and external assistance), the total of all financial assistance funds cannot exceed the total direct and indirect costs of education. Indirect costs include allowances for personal expenses and transportation. All Western financial commitments may be adjusted to ensure that total gift and need-based assistance does not exceed total cost as defined for federal student aid purposes. 

In order to use limited resources to support the needs of all students, Western reserves the right to replace institutional aid with other sources in the same amount. Endowed and non-endowed scholarship awards will be used to support the general institutional scholarship pool.  

Scholarship/Award Acceptance And Terms

Acceptance of an individual award is an agreement to the terms and conditions of that award as well as all policies governing Western Colorado University gift assistance. Every student’s financial award package (scholarships, gift and need-based assistance) is subject to audit with the final determination of scholarships and other forms of assistance to be made by Western’s Financial Aid Office in compliance with federal aid regulations.

  • Western Colorado University reserves the right to adjust individual awards after letters have been accepted to ensure effective use of federal, state and institutional dollars.
  •  The amount of all scholarships is determined by a student’s tuition classification as resident/military adjustment or non-resident for tuition purposes each year.  If a student’s tuition classification is adjusted at any time for any reason, the scholarship amount will adjust accordingly.  Students receiving the military adjustment, who are being charged resident tuition, will be treated as residents for scholarship purposes.
  • Full-time enrollment (minimum 12 hours per semester) is required for all Western award recipients.
  • Founders, Summit and Scholars Award- 3.0 required cumulative GPA for renewal.
  • Advantage Award- 2.5 required cumulative GPA for renewal.
  • All merit scholarship recipients must successfully complete 24 credits each year.
  • Scholarship awards are disbursed in one-half amounts and applied during fall and spring, awards are not available for summer terms.

Academic scholarship recipients must maintain the required cumulative GPA AND successfully complete 24 credits each year for renewal. Grades are subject to review on a term-by-term basis. Any scholarship recipient who earns less than the required cumulative GPA or fails to successfully complete 24 credits each year will automatically forfeit their scholarship. A student may appeal the termination of eligibility only once during his or her career at Western. The student may not appeal for re-instatement of the scholarship until minimum GPA and credit hour completion requirements have once again been met. For more information on how to appeal for a scholarship, contact Student Financial Services.  

NOTE: If a student is awarded a merit scholarship and failed to maintain the cumulative GPA and credit hour completion requirements, they will not receive a lower level merit scholarship, and they are not eligible for any tuition discount program.  

Student Athletes

Student-athlete awards are subject to all NCAA regulations and guidelines. Individual scholarships may be adjusted to ensure compliance with these rules and regulations. 

All programs, policies & procedures described are subject to change. All statements in this publication concerning requirements, dollar amounts, conditions or other matters are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.