Vehicle Pickup

Vehicle Pick-up

Vans may be picked up by the operator(s) assigned to drive the vehicle.

Vehicle keys and operators' manuals are available at the Facilities Services in the wash bay office during normal business hours (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday) on the day of departure or on Friday afternoon for Saturday and Sunday departures. If the trip is scheduled for an early morning departure before 8 a.m., the vehicle should be picked up the day before. At this time the driver will inspect the vehicle and complete a Vehicle Inspection Form, making note of any damage before leaving and ensure that all safety equipment exists in the van so that he is not held responsible for prior damage or missing items.

Prior to departure, make sure all necessary items are in the vehicle:

Zippered packet is picked up with keys. It contains:

  • Gas Card
  • Registration
  • Insurance Card
  • Mileage Form (Enter beginning mileage before departure.)
  • Accident Report
  • Fleet Management Operator's Manual

All Safety equipment listed on the Vehicle Inspection Form

A maximum of 15 passengers is allowed in the vans. DO NOT OVERLOAD! Use of safety restraints is mandatory.

When loading cargo, stay within the racks to load; do not stand on the roof of the van. It can easily be permanently damaged. Repair can be very costly, and the driver of the vehicle will be held responsible.